All For One

All For One (I)

All For One is the mastermind behind the scenes, carefully build up his resources and waiting for his opportunity to crush his rivals. After being defeated and gravely injured by All Might in their last encounter, All For One is now ready to get his revenge on the Symbol of Peace.

All For One's first ability is a free Enhance that gives his non-throw attack plus one damage for every three foundations in his stage. The more resources he has in play, the greater his strength.

Next he has an Enhance ability that requires him to commit and discard a momentum as cost. It then makes it so if the current attack is blocked, it will deal no damage. This means he can block any attack and take no damage from it, even if the zones do not match.

Finally All For One has a free Response that triggers at the start of the Combat Phase, that means both his and his rival's combat phase. This ability lets him add one card from his momentum to his hand and then he has to add one card from his hand to his momentum. This will let him loop attacks, blocks, or store away cards for later turns as he plots how he will defeat his rival.