All Might

All Might (I)

All Might is known for digging deep and going beyond his limits to obtain victory and this version of All Might does exactly that. He can permanently reduce his hand size to draw three cards on his turn. This is a great way to find those last few attacks you need to defeat your rival. Reducing his hand size means he will draw fewer and fewer cards at the start of his turn, eventually he will draw zero cards at the start of his turn!

The Enhance ability gives your Fury or Punch attack the Powerful key word. This means that each attack All Might plays has the potential to do devastating damage to his rival. All he needs is a little momentum to bring down even the toughest of foes.

All Might (II)

All Might is the greatest hero Japan has ever had. His strength and abilities are unrivaled. This version of All Might shows just how strong he really is.

His first Enhance ability gives his current attack plus two damage and if it is blocked it gives his next attack plus two damage! The cost of this ability is discarding the top four cards of his deck, but that is nothing for the Number One hero.

The second Enhance ability requires All Might to discard a momentum, but it allows him to draw a card and makes it so if the attack is not blocked he draws another card. This can be used on his attacks to make your rival make tough choices or on your rival's attack to draw two cards. 

Fear not players, for I AM HERE!

All Might (III)

The number 1 hero isn't something one becomes on accident. All Might is both powerful and versatile, which makes him capable of ending battles quickly. His attack line-up consists of both Fury and Punch attacks. 

All Might has two enhance abilities to use during combat. The first adds speed or damage to his attacks. This means his attacks are either more difficult to block or do more damage. Even further this assault never ends because this enhance ability is playable while committed!

All Might's second enhance gives him more cards. This means that he can find whatever he is looking for in any given situation. Remember a true hero always finds a way to win!

All Might (IV)

After suffering a near fatal injury in the line of duty, All Might is no longer able to maintain his muscle form all the time. He reverts back to his normal self, malnourished and frail as it may be.  This version of All Might is exactly that, his true form.

True Form All Might starts off by losing three health at the start of his turns. This shows just how damaged his body is. The good news is that it won't kill you, just leave you at 1 health. 

His First Form ability lets him place a different version of All Might on top of him for the turn and gain that All Might's powers and abilities for the turn. This can only be done once per game so make it count!

All Might's Enhance ability lets him discard other All Might cards to add damage to his attacks and draw more cards. Allowing this All Might to push past his limits and dig deep!

All Might (V)

This version of All Might is representing him during his Silver Age. The costume isn't the only thing different about this All Might, he also has less health than all the other All Mights. Fear not! He has some very powerful abilities to make up for the lower health.

All Might's first ability is a free Response that triggers after he plays a card with "Smash" in the name of the card. It then lets him draw a card, effectively making his Smash cards replace themselves. However, this ability can only be used twice per turn so make sure to use it at the right moments.

Next he has an Enhance ability that requires him to flip a foundation. It then gives his Fury or Punch attack plus two speed or plus two damage. You get to pick which one! This flexibility means your rival will always have to plan for the worst.

Finally All Might has a Deadlock Form ability. It is a First Form so it must be the first thing you do on your turn during your Combat Phase. It is only playable once per game and it gives all of your "Smash" attacks Stun two for the rest of the turn. This will allow you to smash through your rival's defenses and achieve victory with certainty. 

All Might (VI)

This version of All Might captures him in his final battle as the Number One hero. He no longer relies on his raw strength alone, but on his defense and ability to adapt to the situation. This All Might is strong on both his turn and his rival's turn.

All Might's first ability is an Enhance that requires him to discard the top card of his deck. It then gives his Punch or Fury attack a damage bonus equal to the block modifier of the discarded card. This means the damage of his attacks could spike up by as much as five or as little as one. Even though this is random, with proper deck construction you can eliminate some of the variance.

His second ability is an Enhance that is only playable once per turn and requires him to remove a momentum as cost. You then get to add the top card of your discard pile to your hand. If he can keep a steady stream of momentum flowing then he will be effectively an eight hand size character over a turn cycle. Even better two of the cards will be selective instead of random off the top of the deck.

All Might's final ability is a Response that requires him to commit for cost. It triggers after you block an attack and it lets you draw two cards, but then you have to discard a card. This means that you will net one card and have more resources to block with if your rival keeps trying to hit you.

All Might (VII)

This All Might is not legal for tournament play, but is great for casual games with friends.