Yuga Aoyama (I)

Yuga Aoyama is one of the quieter members of Class 1-A, but he sparkles and shines in his own right. His quirk allows him to blast a laser from his naval but it leaves him completely drained afterwards. His abilities both help capture these elements of his quirk.

First his Response triggers after you flip 1 or more foundations during your attacks Enhance Step. It gives your attack plus one speed and damage! This means that if you have two different abilities that flip a foundation during your attack, then your attack will get plus 2 speed and damage. This allows for some potentially massive attacks.

Aoyama's Enhance reduces the difficulty of the next card he attempts to play by one for each of his face down foundation. If he has five face down foundations then his next card would get minus five difficulty! This allows Aoyama to push past the limits of a normal turn and truly go beyond!

Yuga Aoyama (II)

Yuga Aoyama is destined to shine and twinkle bright. This version of Aoyama is no different. He has less health but gains a hand size, allowing him to see more cards to dazzle his rival with.

His first Enhance ability is only playable once per turn and only playable on your turn.  As an additional cost you must add one foundation from your card pool to your momentum. Then your mid attack gets plus three damage. Turning foundations into momentum and clearing a card from your card pool are both incredibly strong abilities.

His second Enhance ability requires you to lose one health. Then your mid attack gets plus one speed. This ability can be used on every attack you play and will add up over the course of a turn. While paying a health is not free, the only health that truly matters is the last one.