Mina Ashido (I)

Mina Ashido is able to shoot acid from her body using her Quirk, Acid. This combines very well with her close combat approach to fighting and makes her a very real threat to her rivals.

Ashido's first ability is a Response that requires her to discard a card. It can only be used on her turn and only once per turn, but it allows her to play the card she just checked as her next form of the turn. While it is very random and has a real cost (discarding a card), but it is worth it since playing a card without making a check is very powerful.

Her other ability is a free Enhance that gives her attack one speed and restores one health if the attack deals damage. This will help Ashido make up for having such low health.

Mina Ashido (II)

Now that Ashido has been training and refining her quirk, she is able to better utilize it when fighting both in close combat and from afar. This version of her captures these improvements by having her use both Punches and Ranged attacks.

Her static ability makes it so facedown cards in her card pool do not add to her progressive difficulty to play cards. Anytime a character can ignore progressive difficulty it is a powerful ability. This ability will be particularly useful since many of Ashido's cards will be adding themselves to her card pool facedown. 

The Response ability triggers when your Punch or Ranged attack deals damage and causes your rival to lose one health for each facedown card in your card pool! This ability combined with her static ability means her rivals better be careful or else they will be losing a lot of health anytime they don't block.