Tsuyu Asui (I)

Asui, or Su to her friends, has a unique quirk that gives her the abilities of a frog. She can attack from long ranges using her tongue or in close combat using her legs to kick her rivals around.

Asui has two Enhance abilities, the first one gives her attacks two speed and then allows her to discard a Kick or Ranged attack from her card pool. This ability works both when attacking and defending to prevent progressive difficulty from adding up as she plays more cards.

Her second Enhance ability flips one of her foundations face down to then ready her character card! This doesn't work once all her foundations are flipped facedown, so make each flip count.

Tsuyu Asui (II)

This version of Tsuyu Asui is all about attacking from range and disrupting her rival's plans. She turns her rivals defense into more offense for her assaults'. 

Her first Enhance is completely free and makes it so her unblocked attack gives her next attack plus two speed! This means every attack after her first one will be harder for her rival to block. They better block early or be prepared to spend extra resources to block later in the turn.

Asui's second Enhance can only be played on her attack and it requires her to discard a card from her rival's card pool. In return for discarding the card, it gives her ranged attack plus four damage! This means that if her rival blocks early then she will be buffing her attacks! 

Rivals better choose wisely when battling against this version of Asui or they will be defeated in no time.