Cementos (I)

Cementos is a teacher a UA and a Pro Hero that is always very level headed. His quirk, Cement, lets him generate cement from his body and control it. He is able to build large structures at will.

Cementos has three abilities. One is a passive ability, that means it is always happening. This ability increases his hand size by one for every three face down foundations he has in his stage. Since he starts at a five hand size, once he has three face down foundations he will be a six hand size. 

His next ability is an Enhance that requires him to flip one foundations as a cost. It then allows him to ready one face down foundation. This means after he has committed a face up foundations, he can then flip it facedown and ready it. This allows him to get extra uses out of all his resources.

His final ability is a free Enhance that gives his attack plus one damage for every two face down foundations in his stage. This combined with his first Enhance means as the game goes on, Cementos will be hitting harder and harder.