Dabi (I)

Dabi is another villain that has been inspired by Stain and his mission. His quirk, Cremation, allows him to generate and control super hot flames. Flames so hot that they have burned his flesh off on parts of his body.

Dabi has three Enhance abilities and they are all about doing damage. His first Enhance is only playable once per game and it requires him to remove ten foundations from his discard pile. It gives his attack plus eight damage and the Throw keyword ability. This is an insane amount of damage and the Throw keyword ensure that the attack will be doing at least half damage, even if it is blocked. His rival does have the option to destroy all their ready foundations to cancel this effect though. 

Next is a First Enhance, which means it must be the first Enhance you play during the attack. It gives your next attack plus three damage. This is like Dabi building his flames up to let them loose later in battle.

His final Enhance is a First Enhance as well and it gives his attack plus one speed and plus one damage. This may not seem like much but over the course of a turn it will add up. Dabi is going to be burning everything and everyone down.

Dabi (II)

This version of Dabi continues his theme of adding damage to his attacks and making them a very real threat for his rival. However, this version is seven hand size and has significantly less health. This means he will have to burn brighter and end games in a blaze of glory quickly!

Dabi's first ability is an Enhance that requires you to remove the top three cards of your deck from the game. This means that those cards are gone for the remainder of the game. In return for removing the cards, your attack gets plus three damage! This will almost double the damage of many attacks and force your rival to block attacks or take significant damage. 

His second Enhance requires you to remove an action card from your hand as cost. It is also only playable once per turn and only on your turn. It lets you add one action card from your discard pile to your hand, but the action has to match at least two resource symbols with Dabi. That may seem like a serious restriction but he has plenty of great actions to choose from.