Eraser Head

Eraser Head (I)

Eraser Head is the homeroom teacher for class 1-A and is very serious. He has the ability to turn off quirks by making starring at his rival. In a world of super powers, being able to turn off super powers seems good.

To illustrate this ability Eraser Head has an action called "Erase!" and it prevents his rival from using their character abilities for the rest of the attack. Eraser Head's static ability puts a copy of "Erase!" into his discard pile before the game begins. His Enhance then lets him discard a card to pull a copy of "Erase!" back to his hand and then give the attack plus two or minus two speed!

Anytime he plays his action, he can choose to use his Response ability to draw two cards. Eraser Head is ready to erase his rival's strategy and force them to play by his rules.

Eraser Head (II)

Eraser Head (III)