Gran Torino

Gran Torino (I)

Gran Torino is a retired Pro Hero who was responsible for training All Might. Now he is coming out of retirement to help train Izuku Midoriya to use One for All. His quirk is Jetstream and it allows him to zip around the battlefield using the jets in his feet. 

Gran Torino's first ability is a Response that requires him to destroy one foundation. It triggers after your Charge, Fury, or Kick attack is blocked. You then get to build the attack face down and committed. This ability is playable while committed. The key to getting the most out of this ability will be destroying committed foundations and determining when you want to clear you card pool so you can keep attacking.

His second ability is an Enhance that requires him to commit and discard a card. It lets you add a foundation from your stage to your hand and your rival discards a card. This will allow Gran Torino to pick up those attacks that he has built face down and to disrupt your rival's attack turns by making them discard on their turn.