Gun Head

Gun Head (I)

Gun Head is a Pro Hero with the powerful quirk, Gatling. It gives him the ability to shoot projectiles from his gun shaped forearms. He combines this with his mastery of close combat skills to be a very real threat for any villain. 

Gun Head's first ability is a First Form that requires him to discard an attack. It then lets him add one Throw from his discard pile to his hand. This means he can play the same Throw every turn as long as he sees any one attack. Get ready to get grabbed!

His final ability is an Enhance that requires him to commit. It then gives his non-Throw attack plus three damage and his next Throw attack minus three difficulty and plus three speed. While speed on throws doesn't help a bunch, minus three difficulty is huge! Gun Head is always able to grab his rival and throw them around, regardless of what else he has done that turn.