Toru Hagakure (I)

Toru Hagakure has the quirk Invisibility. This makes her invisible to the naked eye and means her rivals never know where she is attack from and they never have much time to react to her attacks.

To capture this element of surprise, Hagakure has two Response abilities. Her first Response ability triggers after an attacks is played and gives the attack plus two or minus two speed! It also gives the attack the Flash keyword, which means the attacks skips the Enhance step. This ability can help her push her attacks through and at the same time prevent her rivals from using their own attacks.

Hagakure's second Response requires her to destroy a foundation but in return she forces her rival to add one ready foundation from their stage to their hand anytime they do not block her attack. This means her rivals will want to commit their foundations and block carefully if they don't want to lose all their best cards in their stage.

Toru Hagakure (II)