Mei Hatsume (I)

Mei Hatsume is a student in UA's Support class. As a brilliant inventor and technology enthusiast, she spends most her time tinkering on gadgets and finding new ways to support heroes. Her quirk, Zoom, lets her zero in on whatever she is looking at and helps her find the right parts for whatever he latest gadget is.

Hatsume has to be ready to build so before the game begins she searches her deck for four copies of her asset and removes them from the game. This ensures that her rival isn't able to mess with them and that she doesn't have to worry about finding them over the course of a game. 

Her next ability is a First Form and it builds one copy of her asset from her removed from game pile. This means the first thing you will want to do every turn is get your free copy of her asset added to your stage. 

Hatsume's final ability is an Enhance that requires you to flip a foundation and in return your Tech or Weapon attack gets plus one damage for each asset in your stage. This counts all assets not just her signature asset, Box Full of Babies. While she isn't the most agile fighter, once Hatsume has all her assets in play she will be a nightmare for her rivals to deal with.