Tenya Iida (I)

Tenya Iida is known for his speed. He is fast to respond and always making the best decisions he can for class 1-A. To capture these aspects of his character, Iida has two Response abilities.

First he can increase or decrease the speed of an attack by three once per turn. This means one of his attack will be harder to block and one of his rival's attack will be easier to block. When he makes his own attack faster, he forces his rival to spend additional resources if they want to Enhance his attack. Remember that each foundation that is committed is one less foundation you have to help you block so be careful when Iida decides to make his attack faster.

The second Response ability allows Iida to play the first Enhance on every attack! Naturally you get the first Enhance on your own attacks, but Iida gets the first Enhance on his rival's attacks. Being the fastest in your class has its perks.

Tenya Iida (II)

This version of Tenya Iida gets more cards in his hand each turn but in exchange he has less total health. This means he is going to need to defeat his rivals as fast as possible. Lucky for him, that's what he excels at.

Iida's first ability is a Response he can use once per turn and requires him to discard one card from his hand. It triggers when an attack is played and let's him draw a card. The played attack gets plus two speed but if Iida discarded an attack card, then the played attack get's plus four speed instead! This can be used on both Iida's attacks and his rivals attacks. 

Iida's second ability is an Enhance that is free. It gives an attack that has speed that is double it's printed speed, plus two or minus two damage. Good thing his first ability increases the speed of an attack each turn!

Tenya Iida (III)

This version of Iida is all about EX attacks. EX adds speed to your attacks which makes them faster and harder for your rival to block. This fits perfectly with Iida since he continues to upgrade his engines and becomes faster and faster.

His first ability is a Response that triggers after you play an EX ability. It then gives you a free momentum from the top of your deck. Since discarding momentum is required to pay the cost of using an EX ability, this means Iida can keep increasing the speed of his attacks one after another.

Iida's second ability is an Enhance that is only playable once per turn. It allows you to ready any one foundation with printed difficulty of 1 or less. This ability works on both players turns and is completely free!