Ingenium (I)

Ingenium is a Pro Hero and the old brother of Tenya Iida. He is the role model that has inspired Iida to become a hero himself. Ingenium's quirk, Engine, gives him engines on his arms that allow him to move at incredible speeds.

Ingenium has two abilities, the first is an Enhance that can only be used once per turn. This Enhance gives your EX or Slam attack plus three damage for free! Since EX gives attacks additional speed, having the ability to add some damage on will make your attacks even more threatening to your rival.

His second ability is also only playable once per turn but it is a free Response that triggers after an attack is played. It gives the attack plus or minus three speed. When you use it on your attack, it allows you to ready a foundation that hasn't already been readied this Combat Phase each time your rival plays an Enhance. This means your rival will think twice before trying to disrupt your attack!