Denki Kaminari (I)

Denki Kaminari may not be the brightest student in class 1-A, but he is the most electric. His quirk, Electrification, allows him to emit electricity from his body.

His Response ability is only playable once per game, but it allows you to clear your card pool and add all the cards from it to your momentum. This will give you a huge burst of damage and super charge your attack turn. To make things even better, this ability can not be canceled.

To Enhance his attacks, Kaminari, is able to selectively commit his rivals foundations if they block. This will allow him to pick apart even the best defensive stages. 

Denki Kaminari (II)

This version of Denki Kaminari has six hand size and twenty-five health. While this is a lower than average amount of health for a six hand size character, he has some electrifying abilities that help make up for the lower health.

Kaminari's first ability is a continuous ability, this means it is always happening. It prevents him from discarding momentum to pay for keyword abilities. This prevents him from paying for things like Powerful and EX using his momentum.

His second ability is an Enhance that he can only play once per turn and it allows him to add the top card of his deck to his momentum. This means one free momentum on your turn and if your rival attacks you, you get a free momentum on their turn! This ability is going to super charge all of Kaminari's plans.

Kaminari's final ability is an Enhance that is only playable on his turn and requires him to discard his entire momentum. It makes it so if this attack is a Charge attack, then your rival commits a foundation for each momentum you discarded as part of the cost. If you discard 3 momentum, then they commit 3 foundations. If you discard 10, then they commit 10 foundations!