Kamui Woods

Kamui Woods (I)

As a new pro hero, Kamui Woods is already becoming a household name. He is a flexible hero who's quirk is both offensive and defensive. This versatility makes him a serious threat to all his rivals.

His Response ability readies his character card after an attack is blocked. That means when he blocks an attack, he readies. When his rival blocks his attack, Kamui Woods readies. 

As if readying anytime an attack is blocked wasn't good enough, he also has an Enhance ability that commits him to give his attacks an extra damage for the rest of the turn and his rival's attacks minus one damage for the rest of the turn. If attacks are being blocked then he readies and does it again on the next attack and the bonus damage stacks, as does the damage reduction for your rival's attacks! It isn't going  out on a limb to say this guy is the real deal.