Eijiro Kirishima (I)

Kirishima is as sturdy as they come. His quirk, Harden, makes his body as hard and dense as a rock. While using his quirk he takes less physical damage from blows and can break less durable objects.

The first Enhance gives him a free foundation once per turn. This can be used on both players turns so make sure to get that free foundation on your rival's attacks too.

Kirishima's second Enhance allows him to add foundations, face up or facedown ones, to his hand and then he chooses to give the attack either plus two or minus two damage. This helps make up for his smaller hand size. However, he can't use Harden for too long so he is restricted to only twice per turn.

Eijiro Kirishima (II)

Ejiro Kirishima is on a mission to become a great and manly hero. This version of Kirishima show just how far he has come from his training. Bringing him one step closer to living up to his ideal.

Kirishima has two incredible abilities. The first is an Enhance that can only be used twice per turn. That is twice on your turn and twice on your Rival's turn. It requires him to destroy a foundation as the cost, but in return he get to build a card from his hand facedown and then draws a card. Also his attack gets plus two damage! This ability does it all! 

His final ability is a Response and requires him to commit for it. It triggers after his Rival's attack is not blocked. It then reduces the damage of the attack to half, rounded down. This shows just how hard it is to take down Red Riot!

Eijiro Kirishima (III)