Koji Koda (I)

Koji Koda is one of the quieter students in class 1-A which is odd since his quirk lets him speak with and command animals. Every animal in the animal kingdom is Koda's ally. With this power he can summon a group of allies to assist him no matter where he is. 

Koda's first ability is a Form ability that requires him to commit as a cost. It lets him draw a card for each Ally attack and Ally action in his card pool. This means he can replace those Ally cards he played to have more cards going into his Rival's turn. 

His second ability is an Enhance ability that requires he commit a foundation as a cost. It then lets him choose one Ally card in his card pool and that card will no longer count toward progressive difficulty for the rest of the turn. This ability works both on his and his Rival's turn, which means Koda can block with an Ally card then on his Rival's next attack, make it not count toward progressive difficulty. This ability is incredibly strong and will ensure that all of his Allies get to play.