Kurogiri (I)

Kurogiri is Shigaraki's right hand man. He acts as a guide for the the young villain. His quirk, Warp Gate, allows him to open portals to other locations. This ability is incredibly strong for getting in and out of bad situations.

Kurogiri's first ability is a free Enhance that is only playable once per turn. It allows him to look at the top and bottom cards of his deck and then move the bottom card to the top of the deck. This allows him to warp up cards from the bottom of his deck as needed.

His second ability is a Response that requires him to commit. It triggers after his rival plays an attack and allows him to put the attack on the bottom of his rival's deck. Then he chooses one attack in his rival's discard pile and adds it to their hand. This allows him to trade his rival's best attack for the worst attack in their discard pile each turn and warp away from trouble.

Kurogiri (II)