*Izuku Midoriya*

Midoriya is all about analyzing a situation and making the most out of his opportunities. The only problem is he isn't used to his new powers yet so he has to rely on his knowledge to succeed in battle. Similar to his mentor All Might, Midoriya modifies attacks using his enhances.

The first enhance allows Midoriya to survive a potentially lethal attack, but only if he uses his knowledge to anticipate the attack correctly. By guessing the correct attack zone of his opponent's next attack, he is able to reduce it's speed by 3!

The second enhance of Midoriya allows him to add 10 damage to his punch attack. This can make any punch attack a very real problem for his opponent. There is one serious draw back though, the cost of adding all that damage is discarding all the cards in your hand. This will leave you complete open to a counter attack on your opponent's next turn.

**Izuku Midoriya**

Izuku Midoriya is now starting to gain control of his newly acquired quirk, One for All. His new technique, Full Cowling, allows him to power up his entire body all at the same time. Making him stronger and faster than ever before, but it is very demanding on his body and something he can't use all the time.

Midoriya's first ability is an Enhance that requires him to discard a card, but it increase the speed of his punch attacks by one and the damage of them by three! This turns any ok punch attack into a very real threat for his rivals.

His second ability is a response that can only be used once per turn. It requires committing a foundation and triggers after you check a copy of a foundation you already have in play. You then get to build the checked foundation. This ability will mean Midoriya is always gaining more resources during the turn and adapting his game plan accordingly.