Minoru Mineta (I)

Minoru Mineta has a odd quirk call Pop-off. He is able to remove and throw the purple balls attached to his head. They are incredibly sticky and if his rivals touch them then they will be stuck in place.

Mineta's Response ability lets him selectively commit his rivals foundations anytime an attack is blocked. This means if his attack is blocked, then he commits one of his rival's foundations. If he blocks his rival's attack, then he commits one of his rival's foundations. This incredible ability only costs him one health each time he uses it.

Mineta has two Enhance abilities. The first one gives his attack plus two damage if there is a card in his rival's card pool, so if they block his attack then his future attacks will deal additional damage for free.

The second Enhance ability requires Mineta to commit but it returns an attack to printed speed and prevents it from having its speed increased. This is an very strong defensive ability that shows exactly how Mineta can stop his rivals in their tracks.

Minoru Mineta (II)

Now that Mineta has a little more practice under his belt, he is ready to get his Sticky Balls in everyone's way. As a five hand size character, Mineta will be taking things slow but that doesn't mean he isn't going to be as annoying as ever.

His first ability is an Enhance that is only playable once per turn. It forces his rival to add one foundation from their stage to their card pool. However, if you use this ability on your rival's turn then they get to build the top card of their deck face down to replace the lost foundation. 

Mineta's second Enhance requires him to discard a momentum to reduce the current attacks speed to zero and draw a card! This is an incredible defensive ability! This will make blocking and disrupting your rival's plans even easier.