Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata (I)

Mirio Togata is a Third Year student at UA and a member of the Big Three! His quirk, Permeation, allows him to phase his entire body at will. This makes him an incredibly difficult fighter to predict or anticipate because he could be attacking your from anywhere!

His first ability is a free Enhance that gives your Punch or Slam attack plus two damage and you may change the zone. This means his attacks will hit harder and his rival won't be able to figure out your attack strings. You can make all your attacks the same zone or you can mix it up and change them to random zones. Either way your rival is going to be left with no good options.

His second ability is another Enhance but it requires you to commit him and discard a momentum as cost. It then reduces the damage of the current attack to zero! That's right, zero damage! Your rival can't hit what they can't touch. This is an incredible display of PPOOOOWWWAAAA!