Neito Monoma (I)

Neito Monoma is a member of UA's Class 1-B. He has the incredible quirk of Copy. It allows him to copy someone else's quirk after he has made physical contact with them. He even goes out of his way to taunt his rivals in an effort to get their quirk.

Monoma's first ability is a Response ability that is only playable once per game and has not cost. It triggers after your attack deals damage and it lets you gain all of your rival's character abilities for the rest of the game! Clearly you won't be able to plan on what you will get since you never know who your rival will be playing, but you will always be gaining something. 

His second ability is a free Enhance that gives your attack any keyword trait you choose. If you choose Taunt then the attack gets plus one damage. This means you can make any attack a Kick, Punch, Fury, Charge, Slam, Tech, Ranged, or Weapon attack.