Moonfish (I)

Moonfish is one of the more terrifying members of the League of Villains. His quirk, Blade-tooth, turns his teeth into metal blades that extend and cut anything in their path. It is actual nightmare fuel. He isn't a brawler in combat and only has eighteen health, but he does have a seven card hand size to ensure he sees the cards he needs.

His first ability is a free Enhance that gives his attack with three or less damage, plus two speed. Then if his rival has three or more cards in hand, the attack gets an additional speed. This means his low damage attack gets really fast and difficult for his rival to block. This allows Moonfish to cut through his rivals defenses with ease.

His second ability is an Enhance that is only playable once per turn and only on his turn. It requires you to discard a attack that has dealt three or less damage from your card pool as a cost. Then it forces your rival to discard a card. If your rival decides to not block your fast attacks, then they will be losing a card later in the turn.