Mt. Lady

Mt. Lady (I)

Mt. Lady is a rising star among the pro heroes. Her Quirk, Gigantification, allows her to increase her size and strength. Her abilities capture this quirk perfectly.

First Mt. Lady has an Enhance that requires her to commit, but she then gets to add a copy of "Mt. Lady" from her discard pile to her stage. If there are no "Mt. Lady" cards in your discard pile then you get to add any one card to your momentum instead. Even when she is maxed out with all four "Mt. Lady" cards in her stage, she still gets more resources.

Her second Enhance requires discarding a momentum to use and gives the attack plus two damage for each "Mt. Lady" character in your stage. This will always give plus two damage but could end up giving plus eight damage to an attack! It is also playable while committed so you can use her first ability without fear of shutting down her second ability.