Muscular (I)

Muscular is one of the latest villains to join the League but he very quickly earns his place. He is a battle obsessed individual with a quirk, Pump Up, that allows him to control and strengthen his muscles. This quirk makes him tough to take down in a fight in addition to allowing him to really overpower his rivals.

Muscular has a unique mechanic of using counters, specifically Muscle counters. He gains these counters after an attack deals damage. This means he gains a counter when his attacks deal damage and when his rival's attacks deal damage. He keeps getting stronger and stronger the longer he is in battle.

His Enhance ability has no cost and gives his non-Throw attack plus one damage for each Muscle counter he has. If he has five Muscle coutners then his attack gets plus five damage! Even better there is no cap on this damage so it will get larger and larger as the game goes on, until he complete overwhelms his rival.

Muscular's Response ability has no cost and triggers after you take damage from an unblocked attack. It then lets you build one card from your card pool face down. This ability is incredibly strong as it allows him to block early then if his rival keeps attacking, he can build the cards he blocked with as face down foundations.