Mashirao Ojiro (I)

Mashirao Ojiro is a martial artist with an unfair advantage, he has a tail. His quirk, Tail, gives him an extra appendage to use in combat. 

Ojiro's first Enhance requires him to flip a foundation face down and in return his attack gets plus three damage. If his attack is block then his rival will have to flip one of their foundations face down. This creates a lose-lose situation for his rival. Block and lose a foundation or take lots of damage.

The second Enhance ability is only playable once per game, but it gives Ojiro's attack plus one speed for each of his rival's face down foundations and prevents the attack's speed from being reduced! Also the ability cannot be canceled. If his opponent has been block his attacks then he will be throwing one really fast attack at them to finish them off. 

Mashirao Ojiro (II)

In his ongoing efforts to improve his martial arts, Mashirao Ojiro has taken his abilities to a new level. Learning to flow like water and giving it his all, Ojiro is ready to take down any rival that he encounters.

Ojiro has two Enhance abilities, the first one gives his attack plus one speed and plus one damage for each unique attacks zone in his card pool. This means his attacks will end up getting plus 3 speed and plus 3 damage once he has one of each attack zone in his card pool. 

His second Enhance is only playable once per turn and it adds one attack from your card pool to your hand. This is only playable if you have all three different attack zones printed on attacks in your card pool. Ojiro will be able to pick up an attack he played earlier in the turn to play it again and give it plus 3 speed and plus 3 damage!