Present Mic

Present Mic (I)

Present Mic is a Pro Hero and teacher at UA. His quirk, Voice, amplifies his voice and turns it into a weapon. He is always turned up to eleven.

Present Mic's first ability is an Enhance that requires him to commit as a cost. It then removes the top card of his rival's deck from the game and if the card removed was not an attack, you ready Present Mic. This means that on every attack, you can make your rival remove a card until they remove an attack. Removed cards are gone for the entire game so Present Mic is able to take options away from his rivals before they ever get a chance to use them.

His second ability is an Enhance that has not cost and gives an attack plus one speed for every three cards in his rival's removed from game pile. It caps out at adding four speed and is playable while committed. This means you can always use it and as soon as your rival has twelve cards removed, all your attacks are getting plus four speed! LOOK OUT!!!

Present Mic (II)

This version of Present Mic is a little more fragile. He has a seven card handsize but only seventeen health. He will need to hit his rivals hard and fast before they get a chance to hit back!

His first ability is an Enhance that is only playable on your turn. It has no cost and makes your rival discard the top four cards of their deck. Then your attack gets plus one damage for each attack they discarded. This means Present Mic's attacks could get plus four damage! Most likely it will be plus one or two, but it is always accelerating his rival toward cycling their deck.

Present Mic's second ability is only playable once per game. It is a Response ability and it has no cost. It triggers after your rival plays an attack or action and lets you discard it from their card pool and cancel its effects! This is an incredibly powerful ability so make sure you use it at the right time.