Recovery Girl

Recovery Girl (I)

Recovery Girl is a Pro Hero the UA school nurse. Her quirk allows her to accelerate the natural healing process exponentially. However, like all quirks, she has her limits and so do her patients.

Recovery Girl's first ability is a First Form that has not cost and lets her gain two health. This means the first thing you do during your Combat Phase should always be to gain two health for free! 

Her next ability is a free Response that triggers after she takes damage. It then lets her build one foundation from her discard pile. This means no check is need, no progressive difficulty, just pick any foundation you want and put it in your stage after you take damage. 

Her final ability is an Enhance ability that requires her to destroy two foundation as a cost. It then gives her attack the Throw keyword. This means that any attack she plays has the potential to become a Throw and deal half its printed damage even if blocked.