Rikido Sato (I)

Rikido Sato's quirk, Sugar Rush, allows him to consume sugar and turn it into power. Increasing his strength for a limited time. Lucky for him he likes baking and keeps plenty of sweets around.

Sato's first ability is an Enhance that can be used twice per turn. This ability works on his attacks as well as his rival's attacks. It requires him to remove a card from his had, that means the card is gone for the rest of the game. In return, his attack gains Stun: 1 and he draws a card. 

His second ability is a Response that is free and triggers after you draw one or more cards during the Enhance Step and it gives the current attack plus one damage. This means anytime Sato uses his Enhance ability, he can also use his Response to increase the damage of the current attack. Draw enough cards and his strength is sure to overwhelm his rival.

Rikido Sato (II)

This version of Rikido Sato has a five hand size and still has twenty-nine health, which seems odd but there is a good reason for it. His abilities are much like his quirk and they push him well beyond these limits.

Sato's first ability is a First Form that lets him draw two cards. This will be the first thing he does on his turns, it effectively makes him a seven hand size! The only draw back is that he has to discard two cards at the beginning of the End Phase. This means we won't have many cards going into his Rival's turn when he decides to draw the two extra cards on his turn.

His second ability is a free Enhance ability that gives his attack plus two damage but it is only playable if he has drawn two or more cards during the Combat Phase. Good news, his First Form is during the Combat Phase so he can immediately give his attacks plus two damage for free!