Selkie (I)

A Pro Hero who has the unique quirk, Spotted Seal, gives him the appearance and abilities of a seal. He can hold his breath for an incredibly long time, dive to uncanny depths, and use echolocation to navigate his surroundings. These abilities make him dangerous both on land and in the water.

Selkie has a continuous ability that says while his character card is committed, facedown cards in his card pool do not count toward progressive difficulty. This means he can work around one of the fundamental game mechanics as long as his cards end up face down.

His first played ability is a First Form and it has no cost. It lets him target one Rival foundation and seal it for the turn. This means the foundation loses all abilities and can not gain new abilities for the turn. Selkie takes away his rivals best defensive pieces as long as it is the first thing he does on his turn.

His final ability is a Response that requires him to commit. It triggers after his Kick of Slam attack deals damage and flips the attack facedown then adds the top two cards of his deck to his momentum. The ability to generate momentum any time your attack hits is very powerful and will give Selkie all sorts of strong plays. His rival better watch out or they'll be swimming with the fishes.