Hanta Sero (I)

Hanta Sero uses his quirk, Tape, to keep his rivals under wraps. It also gives him great mobility since it allows him to swing from objects. Sero is all about getting the drop on his rival and making it difficult for them to predict his movements.

Sero's first Response ability allows him to draw two cards after his attack is partially blocked. That means that if his rival does not play a block zone that matches his attack's zone, then not only will they take half the damage but he will draw two cards!

His second Response ability is only playable once per game, but it allows him to look at his rival's hand and discard one card from it after an attack is completely blocked. This works when Sero blocks his rival's attack or when his rival blocks his attack.

Finally Sero has an Enhance ability that lets him change the zone of his attack. This will make blocking his attacks incredibly difficulty for his rival.

Hanta Sero (II)

Hanta Sero is ready to wrap up his rival's stage this go around. This version has two very useful Enhance that combine to create a well rounded character.

His first Enhance lets you discard a card from your rival's card pool to give your attack plus three speed and you get to draw a card. This means anytime your rival blocks, your next attack will be faster and you will be replacing it in your hand with another card! Even better, there are cards within his symbols that force your rival to add cards to their card pool from their deck or discard pile. This means that even if they aren't blocking, you can still find ways to use this ability.

The second Enhance ability is both offensive and defensive. It can only be played twice a turn, but that means it can be used twice on your turn and twice on your rival's turn. The cost is committing a foundation and in return your rival commits a foundation. Your rival does pick which foundation they commit but if you make them commit on their attack then the foundation won't ready until their next turn. This can seriously mess up both their offense and their ability to defend against your attacks getting plus three speed.