Tomura Shigaraki (I)

Some men just want to watch the world burn. Tomura Shigaraki is one of those men. He desires to destroy Hero society as we know it. He has been blessed with a quirk capable of achieving this goal, Decay.

His first Response ability is only playable once per turn, but it triggers when your non-Throw attack deals damage. This means if you play any attack without the Throw keyword ability and your rival does not completely block the attack, they will lose five health.

The second response requires Shigaraki to commit, but it rewards you for completely blocking your rivals attack by forcing your rival to destroy a ready foundation! 

Shigaraki not only decays his rivals health, but also destroys his rivals options in combat. 

Tomura Shigaraki (II)

As Shigaraki continues to grow and learn from his failed attempts to bring down the current Hero Society, he continues to refine his strategies of destruction. This version of Shigaraki has a seven hand size and nineteen health. He is going to have to destroy his Rivals quickly before they know what has happened.

Shigaraki's first ability is a Response that requires him to commit a foundation as its cost. In return, after his non-throw attack deals damage, he gets to add the top card of his deck to his momentum. As Shigaraki damages his Rival, he gets more and more powerful.

His final ability is an Enhance that requires him to discard a momentum as a cost. He then gets to remove one card from his card pool. Good thing he generates all that momentum to keep up his relentless barrage of attacks! All of his Rivals will know his fury!

Tomura Shigaraki (III)

This version of Shigaraki is showing just how far he is willing to go to destroy everything. He isn't a heavy hitter like a Nomu or All For One, but he will still destroy his rival's hopes and dreams in his own way. This time it is by reducing their checks.

Shigaraki's first ability is a free Enhance that requires his rival to make a check against a difficulty of five. If his rival fails the check, you get to draw a card! This ability does a few things; it makes your rival commit cards on every attack, it lets you draw a card or your rival commits foundations, it also shortens your rival's time to play because of milling them an additional card on every attack. This man is evil!

Next he has a free Response that he can play once per turn. It triggers after your rival makes a check and it gives their check minus one. However, failing this check will not end the Combat Phase. It is important to note that this triggers after the check, not before. This means you will be able to pick the key moment each turn when it hurts your rival the most. 

His final ability is a First Form that is only playable once per game. It requires you to remove a momentum and in return your rival's checks get minus one until the start of your next turn! This means that everything your rival tries to do will be more difficult for your current turn and their next turn.