Hitoshi Shinso (I)

Hitoshi Shinso isn't a member of the Hero course but he hopes to be one day. Given that, he doesn't have much experience with combat. Fortunately for him, his quirk, Brainwashing, is incredibly powerful and gives him an advantage in all situations.

Shinso's first ability is a First Form, this means it has to be the first thing he does during his Combat Phase. He can name an attack zone and then give all his attacks of the named zone plus two speed for the turn. This will help his attacks land and put his rival in a difficult position when defending.

His second ability is a Response that is only playable once per turn. It triggers after his rival's attack resolves and forces them to reveal one card in their hand at random. His rival must then play that card as their next form or discard it. This is Shinso truly using his quirk to control what his rival does.