Ibara Shiozaki (I)

Ibara Shiozaki is a member of UA's Class 1-B. She has the unique quirk of Vines. It allows her to grow and manipulate her hair vines into all sorts of different things. Sometimes she uses them to attack but mostly she uses them to protect herself and her friends.

Shiozaki has two Enhance abilities. The first one gives an attack minus one damage and gives your next attack plus three damage. This Enhance has no cost and works on both her and her rival's attacks but it will only increase the damage of your attacks. This defensive use of her ability will make it very difficult for her rivals to uproot her.

The second Enhance is only playable once per turn and it makes it so your next Low attack ignores progressive difficulty. This will allow you to play a Low attack with very little risk. Even better, if you have already used Shiozaki's first Enhance then the Low attack will also come in with plus three damage!