Mezo Shoji (I)

Mezo Shoji great at reconnaissance thanks to his Quirk, Dupli-Arms. His arms can change into extra eyes, ears, noses, or hands depending on the situation. He always knows what is going on around him.

Shoji has a Form ability that is playable once per turn and allows him to select an attack or foundation from his discard pile, then add it back to his hand. Since it is a Form ability, it can only be done on his turns, but that won't stop him from pulling back the best block in his discard pile in preparation for his rival's next turn. He can't do this forever though since he loses health equal to the difficulty of the attack or foundation he adds to his hand each time he uses this ability.

Shoji's second ability is an Enhance that gives his current and next attack of the turn plus two damage. That's plus four damage off one commit! Guess those arms are for more than just gathering information, they can also lay a beatdown on his rivals.

Mezo Shoji (II)

Mezo Shoji can adapt to any situation using his quirk and this version of him illustrates that versatility. It does this by having a brand new and unique game mechanic of counters, specifically Dupli-Arm counters. 

Shoji first removes any counters he has, then gains four counters at the start of his turns. This means that you will always want to use your counters because you can not stockpile them. He will only ever have four or less counters available to use.

He uses these counters to pay for the cost of his very unique Enhance ability. The cost and effect change depending on how many counters you want to remove. By removing one counter, you can look at the top card of your deck and choose to discard it or leave it there. Remove two counters and you can give an attack plus two or minus two speed. Remove three counters to give an attack plus four damage. Remove four counters to make it so if the current attack is blocked, it deals no damage. This means you can off zone block and still take no damage or block a throw and take no damage.