Snipe (I)

Snipe is a Pro Hero and Teacher at UA. He is a lethal sharp shooter thanks to his quirk, Homing. It allows him to lock on any target he can see within 600 meters and send projectiles that follow his target until they connect. 

Snipe has three abilities and his first one is a free Response. It triggers after your rival's Combat Phase begins and it allows you to ready one foundation.  This is an incredibly strong ability and will allow you to get extra uses out of foundations that you normally wouldn't have access to.

His second ability is a free Enhance that is only playable on your attacks. It discards the top card of your rival's deck and if the discarded card was an attack, then your rival loses two health. You'll be sniping attacks off the top of your rival's deck all game with this ability.

The final Enhance ability is free and makes it so if your Ranged attack is blocked, your rival loses one health. This will make your rival think twice before blocking your attacks.