Stain (I)

Stain is known as the Hero Killer. He believes that Super Hero Society is corrupt and is on a mission to purge all the false heroes. His quirk, Bloodcurdle, allows him to immobilize his rivals once he has consumed their blood. 

Stain's first ability is a free Enhance that gives your Weapon attack plus one speed and then forces his rival to lose one health if the attack deals damage. This means that your rival will take damage from attack and then lose one additional health after taking the damage.  This illustrates just how much Stain enjoys using his weapons to cut and slice up his rivals.

Stain's second ability is a Response and requires him to commit as a cost. It triggers when his rival makes a check to play a card and gives their check minus three! While failing the check does not end the Combat Phase, it does mean the card gets discarded. Before Stain can use this ability he has to have damaged his rival and gotten a taste of their blood. This ability can be used on defense to make your rival fail to play a card or used offensively to make them fail to play a block. 

Stain (II)

Stain is back and ready to takedown all the fake heroes he can find! This version of Stain has a seven hand size and twenty life. This means he will be looking to end game quickly.

His first ability is a Form that is only playable once per turn. It gives his next Weapon attack plus three speed, makes it remove from the game after it resolves, and lets him draw a card. This ability allows Stain to strike with lightning speed and then keep on attacking!

His final ability is a Response that can also only be used once per turn. It triggers after his Weapon attack deals damage and allows him to commit and freeze one of his Rival's foundations. This means that if his Rival isn't careful, Stain will be locking them down and taking away their best resources.