Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (I)

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu is a member of UA's Class 1-B. He has the quirk "Steel" and can cover his entire body in steel. Similar to Kirishima, he is all about being as manly as possible in all situations. 

Tetsutetsu's first Enhance ability requires him to discard a card to give his attack plus four damage. This will easily double the damage of many attacks and turns all those non-attack cards into something more manly, like damage.

His second Enhance ability is only playable once per turn and only works if you have zero cards in hand, but it will reduce the damage of an attack to one! Nothing can break this steel combatant. 

Tetsutetsu's final ability is a Response that triggers after you take damage from an unblocked attack. It lets you add one card from your stage back to your hand. This means you can pick up any one foundation or asset of your choice. Combine this with his second Enhance to only take one damage then add your best block back to your hand for your rival's next attack.