Shoto Todoroki (I)

Shoto Todoroki is a ranged combatant due to the nature of his quirk, Half-cold Half-hot. He relies on his ice to stop his rivals in their tracks and shatters their hopes of victory.

His first ability is an Enhance that requires him to commit a foundation to give his attack one extra damage for every two Ranged attacks in his discard pile. As the game goes on this ability will add more and more damage.

His second ability is a Response that can negate his rival's Enhance as long as it is on their character card. To do this he has to commit himself and discard three cards from the top of his deck. This ability will mean Shoto's rivals have to be very careful when they try to attack him.

Shoto Todoroki (II)

Even though Shoto has resentment for his father, Endeavor, he has finally started using the flame half of his quirk. This makes him a powerful threat for his rivals to deal with. To capture this new found versatility, this version of Shoto has three abilities!

All of Shoto's abilities are Enhances that have no cost and can only be played once per turn, but that means they can be used on your turn and your rival's turn. Given that these abilities are mostly offensive, you will be using them mostly on your own attacks.

The first ability gives your attack plus two speed and plus two damage. This works on any attack, no keyword requirement. Just buff your attack and make your rival figure out what to do about it.

The second ability gives your Ranged attack Stun: 2. This ability is very strong. Forcing your rival to commit two foundations while you are attacking means they have less resources to block with. 

The final ability forces both players to add a  card from their momentum to their hand, if able. This ability is the one you will want to use on both players turns and as much as you can. This can help Shoto find the attacks he needs to finish his rival off or it can be used to keep your rival from having that precious momentum they need to pay costs for their own abilities.

Shoto Todoroki (III)

This version of Shoto Todoroki come from the Set 4 DLC and has the unique Chibi style art. As a seven hand size character, Shoto has only twenty health. However he is an ice cold combatant that is sure to freeze his rival in their tracks.

Shoto's first ability is an Enhance that requires him to discard a character card from his stage as cost. This means you will have to build a Shoto Todoroki (III) on a previous turn before you can use this ability. After paying the cost, you then get to commit and freeze one rival foundation of your choice. Frozen foundations do not ready during the owner's next Ready step so this ability will lock a foundation down for an entire turn cycle.

His second ability is only playable once per turn and it has no cost. It gives the current attack plus X damage or minus X damage. X is equal to the number of your rival's committed foundations, but to a cap of five. Giving an attack plus five or minus five damage is incredibly strong!