Himiko Toga (I)

Himiko Toga is one of the newest members of the League of Villians. She is a little obsessive and fanatical when it comes to Stain and his mission. Her quirk is Transform and it allows her to shapeshift into anyone whose blood she has drank.

Toga's first ability is an Enhance that requires her to lose one health to give her attack plus one speed. Then if her attack is blocked, her rival loses one health and her next attack gets plus one speed. This means that if her first attack is blocked then the second one will get plus two speed and be more difficult for her rival to deal with.

Her second ability is a Response that can only be used twice per turn, but it can be used on both your and your rival's turn. It triggers after you rival loses health and gives you one health, lets you draw a card, and then discard a card. This ability synergizes well with her Enhance ability on offense and will help offset the cost while she filters cards to find all the attacks she needs to take her rivals down.

Himiko Toga (II)

This version of Toga still adds speed to her attacks but is more focused on flipping and unflipping her momentum to gain and reuse abilities.

Her first ability is a First Enhance that is only playable on your turn and once per turn. It lets you look at your momentum and unflip one of them. This will allow her to get extra uses out of cards that have abilities that are playable while in your momentum. It will also allow her to randomly surprise her rival when she flips a card they were unaware of.

Her second ability is a free Enhance that gives her first attack played each turn, plus two speed. While this may not seem like much at first glance, this helps her poke her rival and getting her attacks into her momentum.

Toga's final ability is a free Response but it can only be played twice per turn. It triggers after you flip one or more momentum and allows you to ready one foundation that has not been readied this Combat Phase. This means that when you use her First Enhance, you will be able to trigger this ability and ready a foundation of your choice.