Fumikage Tokoyami (I)

Fumikage Tokoyami has a unique quirk that summons an ally for him to battle with. Dark Shadow allows him to attack from range and maintain an excellent defense.

His first Enhance ability is useable once per turn and discards the top five cards of his deck as a cost, but in return he gets to add a copy of Dark Shadow to his hand.

The second Enhance ability gives an attack plus one or minus one damage but it is only playable while he is committed. Fortunately Dark Shadow commits him and also adds one speed and one damage to your attacks for the turn. Together these two are one very real threat for their rivals in combat.

Fumikage Tokoyami (II)

Now with Dark Shadow better under his control, Tokoyami is ready to use his quirk to defeat even the most challenging of rivals. He no longer needs to destroy his own deck to use his abilities. Instead he is far more intentional in his approach.

The first ability Tokoyami has is a once per turn Enhance that is playable while committed. This ability is useable on both his and his rival's turn and will be something you always do when attacking. It requires you to discard a card from your card pool and then you get to add one Ally card from your discard pile to your card pool. This means he can pull a Summon Dark Shadow from his discard pile every time he attacks for free! 

His second ability is an Enhance that requires him to commit. It then lets you ready two Ally foundations that have not been readied during the Combat Phase this turn. This will allow Tokoyami to get extra uses out of his resources or even pass checks for cards he would have otherwise failed.