Ochaco Uraraka (I)

Uraraka is light on her feet and with her quirk likes to make everything else light as well. To capture this in-game, she lifts attacks from her card pool and momentum.

Her first ability is a Response that allows her to add a Charge or high attack to her momentum once per turn. This happens regardless of if the attack dealt damage or not. Every turn she is able to get a free momentum.

What will she be doing with all that momentum, well that is where her Enhance ability comes in. It allows her to give her attack three speed as long as she has one momentum. Then she can add a momentum to her hand. This combination of abilities will mean Uraraka can loop an attack from her card pool, then add it to her momentum, to then pick it up on her second attack of the turn. 

Ochaco Uraraka (II)

This version of Ochaco Uraraka sees fewer cards each turn but she has more health to compensate for that. She still tries to loop her attacks, just how she does it is slightly different.

Uraraka's first ability is a Response she can use once per turn. It triggers after her non-Throw attack deals damage and let's you add the attack back to your hand! Then your next check to play an attack gets plus two. This ability means that her rivals will have to deal with the same attack twice in a turn if they don't deal with it the first time.

Uraraka's second ability is an Enhance that requires her to commit and gives an attack minus three speed. This is very strong and means that she will easily block the attack.

Her final ability is a free Enhance that gives an attack plus two speed. This will make her attacks harder to block and make her rivals very upset.

Ochaco Uraraka (III)

Now that Class 1-A has some more experience under their belts, they are figuring out how to better use their quirks. Uraraka version three keeps the similar theme of floating attacks to and from her momentum but how she does it is completely different.

She has two response abilities that are completely free! The first one triggers at the beginning of the Combat Phase. That means it can be used on her and her rival's turns. The ability lets her reveal her momentum and add one high attack or charge attack to her hand. 

The second response also triggers on both players' turns. However it triggers when an attack is blocked and lets Uraraka draw a card then discard a card. If she blocks, then she filters a card. If her rival blocks, then she filters a card. It also gives her next check to play a card plus one. This ability will allow Uraraka to dig through her deck and find whatever she is looking for both on offense and defense.