Uwabami (I)

Uwabami is a Pro Hero who is a celebrity and believes heroes can help in more ways than by just defeating villains. She mentors Yaoyorozu and Kendo during their time with a Pro Hero agency.

Uwabami's first ability is a free Response that triggers at the beginning of your rival's End Phase. It lets you add one card from your card pool to your hand. This means that if you blocked a rival's attack, you can pick back up the card you blocked with or if your rival added a card to your card pool then you could add it to your hand.

Her next ability is an Enhance that requires you to remove three cards from your discard pile. It then makes it so your next printed three damage attack gets minus one difficulty and plus one damage. This Enhance will help you extend your attack turns and do more damage at the same time!

Her final ability is a free Enhance that is only playable once per turn and only on your turn. It adds one printed three damage attack to your hand from your discard pile. This means that on both your turn and your rival's turn you will be adding a card of your choice back to your hand!