Momo Yaoyorozu (I)

Yaoyorozu was accepted into UA on a recommendation because she is that gifted. Her quirk lets her create inanimate objects.  Her character card abilities are designed to capture this aspect of her character.

Her first Enhance ability requires her to destroy one of her own foundations and in return she gets a new foundation or asset from her card pool! This allows her to clear a card from her card pool and gain a new resource, just for destroying a resource she has already used. It also give the attack either plus two speed or minus two speed. 

 The second Enhance ability is only playable once per turn. That means once on your turn and once on your rival's turn. It requires you to remove a foundation from the game, but in return you get to pick one Weapon card in your discard pile and add it to your hand. Yaoyorozu will creating all sorts of headaches for her rivals as she picks the best card for any situation.

Momo Yaoyorozu (II)