Cowboy Bebop

Spike, Bounty Hunter

Spike is a bounty hunter who knows how to get the job done. He uses every resource he has to achieve victory. Even if it means he has to lose things along the way.

This character has a six hand size and twenty-nine health. Which works out well because he will be taking hits to ensure his first ability is useful. By flipping one foundation as a cost during an attack, Spike will be able to draw a card when that attack deals damage. This means he can choose to not block his rival's attacks and draw cards from his rival attacking him!

His second ability is a free Enhance that gives his attacks plus one speed and plus one damage for every three face down foundations in his stage. This ability scales very well into the later stages of the game where Spike will be giving his attacks plus three speed and three damage for free! Good luck stopping those attacks!

All it takes for Spike to win is for him to lose his stage. He bets it all on his ability to get the job done.

Faye, Queen of Hearts